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Raison d'etre - EAF Tester's existential question

  • Manage software testing - enable the enterprise to bring order and visibility to software testing
  • Simplify the path to test automation in terms of cost and effort - reduce or eliminate need for technical resources
  • Actually engage business users, business analysts in testing effort - from designing to execution

EAF Tester for the Enterprise

EAF Concept

EAF Tester is built for the Enterprise. Enables the enterprise to get started with functional testing and manage the complexities of maintaining a comprehensive test strategy that is usable and cost effective


EAF Tester from begin to end

EAF from begin to end

Specify tests in EAF Tester during requirements definition. Build tests as system is built. As system transitions to operational status, tests continue to be usable as system changes


EAF Tester for the Business Team


Automated Testing For the Business Team and By the Business Team.

  • Build your own Tests - No programming skills needed
  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Monitor your I.T. applications as they evolve


To find out more, request a demo or to evaluate our software please contact us at info@eaftester.com