What is EAF Tester?
EAF or Enterprise Automated Functional Tester is software program which can be used to build and execute functional software tests

What can be tested?
Currently EAF Tester supports testing of any browser based application

What are the system requirements?
OS: Windows, Mac and Linux OS.
Database: Required. For evaluation purposes or single user, EAF Tester ships with a SQLite database. For normal use, an enterprise level database is recommended. Currently, EAF Tester supports Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL and SQLite. 
EAF Tester is developed in Java SE and Java FX
Browser: One or more of the following - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Edge

Can I try/evaluate EAF Tester?
Yes, an evaluation version is available. Add Evaluation Edition to cart and checkout. No credit card or other payment is required